The institution has well furnished, spacious and excellent physical infrastructure as per NCTE norms, in terms of classrooms, library, laboratories, playground, sports facilities and other amenities. In this college 200 pupil teachers of B.Ed. receive their education as part of the pre-service training as teachers. The classrooms for each method are fully equipped with all facilities and are spacious and well-ventilated. The multipurpose hall is fully developed with latest gadgets where all the functions are systematically arranged without any hindrance. The college has fully furnished science, Biology, Chemistry, computer laboratories. A large playground is there for various sports and games. The table below gives a clear idea of the above facilities in details:

The committee is empowered to review the various library resources. The committee normally meets quarterly in a year, and in some special cases. The principal can convene its meeting with library committee which consists of faculty members and a student representative. The major responsibilities of the library committee is :

  • Framing and modifying the general rules and regulations for the proper functioning of the library,
  • Selection of books for purchase and issue orders for purchase them to the extent of allocated budget,
  • Placing orders for subscribing useful magazines and periodicals,
  • To watch the proper maintenance of the library and to keep the library well equipped.
  • To make availability of the library services to the maximum and optimum use by the staff and the pupil teachers.

The staff and the pupil teachers of this college make optimum use of all the above facilities. The library remains open for 8 hours on all the working days. During examinations our library is kept open for 4 hours and during vacation time it is generally opened for 5 hours. The following are the library resources available:

  • Total Books - 9700
  • Reference Books - 2700
  • Encyclopedia - 5(38 Volumes)
  • Journals -13
  • Magazines-5
  • Daily News Paper- 6

The institute is equipped with the latest variety of computing equipments having over 25 Pentium Computers, licensed versions of LINUX, WINDOWS,NT and XP server operating system with 15''color monitor for better visibility.All the labs are air-conditioned 1mbps BSNL broadband internet facility is available for students and faculty members.

  1. Science Lab-The institution has well equipped science laboratory with latest apparatus to carry out experiments. Students practice their science experiment in lab which is to demonstrated in the class while delivering lesson.
  2. Psychology Lab-Institution has well equipped psychology lab with a number of test and equipment. It is also used for counseling of slow learners and low achivers.
  3. Language Labs-Very soon the institution will have well equipped language labs to develop communication skills of the students.
  4. Canteen-A canteen is also situated in the premises of the institution which serves healthy, fresh and hygienic food to the students. We know that a healthy body has a healthy mind.